What is your story?

Perhaps you or someone you know uses marijuana to relax after a hard day at work or while socializing with friends, just as others have a glass of wine or a cocktail. Or perhaps you're not a user, but have seen the hazards of alcohol and believe we would be better off as a society if people simply had the legal option to use marijuana instead of alcohol. Whatever your reason is for supporting marijuana policy reform, please share it with your family and friends!

Here is a sample of testimonials that women around the country have shared with us.

I'm a loving papa to my beautiful boy, Rio. I'm also a Cannabis scholar because I am actively thankful for all of the blessings Cannabis offers. Cannabis is valuable beyond "illegal." Cannabis is historically and scientifically proven to be essential to our individual health and the quality of life on Earth. Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are not optional, while abuse of alcohol and other hard drugs threatens the... Read more.

i recently came across this site &i think its great. granted i dont smoke marijuana often, but to be honest, i support its legalization. i smoke to calm my anxiety/depression and casually to lift my mood, improve my attitude, and relieve my built up stress. needless to say it works. i dont understand why people think its so terrible. i condone casual use in light of ease of mood. in my experience, ive met too many people in general who need... Read more.

I am 56 I have been smoking marijuana for 30 years in California. I really started much younger and thus smoking for much longer than 30 years but marijuana has always been the best since moving here to Ca. in 1980. California is known for the best, I have spent extensive time in Amsterdam and believe with prop 215 marijuana has become much better here in California. Just released statistics ... Cause of death and # per year tobacco 435,000 Poor... Read more.

I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor, who quit drinking alcohol in 1979, due to two DWI's. I rarely drank, but was extremely sensitive to alcohol, and decided not to drink after those events, for I did not want to injure or kill anyone on the road after drinking. Years before, while studying art in New York, I had taken LSD with Timothy Leary's Harvard psychology students, prior to Professor Leary publishing his first... Read more.

I am 38 years old and have smoked marijuana since I was younger. My criminal back ground consist of 3 possession charges and has cost me a lot of money. After raising 2 children, I figure I have nothing to lose anymore by joining groups to help legalize marijuana. Medically, smoking has kept me from having to take pain and anti-inflammatory pills as well as anti-depressants. My personal opinion is that the only reason the state I live in will... Read more.

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