WMM Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month

On April 26, 2011, the Women's Marijuana Movement took action in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month by speaking out in support of ending marijuana prohibition and providing adults with a safer alternative to alcohol.  You can still take action by clicking HERE!

Virtually every organization and government agency dedicated to preventing sexual violence has acknowledged the significant role alcohol plays in the prevalence of sexual assault and date rape.  It is involved in about 50% of sexual assaults -- 90% among college students -- and it is often referred to as the "number one" date-rape drug.  Yet we have laws that steer adults toward drinking and away from making the safer choice to use marijuana, a substance that has never been found to contribute to such acts of violence and aggression.

If our government is serious about preventing sexual violence, it's time to start considering the possibility that marijuana prohibition is driving people to drink and fueling incidents of sexual assault and date rape.

The Women's Marijuana Movement worked with women (and men) around the country to call on the responsible agency, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to begin studying marijuana prohibition's impact on the prevelance of sexual violence.  Along with compelling the government to engage in this important research, our goal is to increase public awareness of the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol and the need for marijuana policy reform.

CLICK HERE to send this message to NCIPC Director Linda Degutis today by filling out and submitting the form below.  You can either send it as it is written alter it as you see fit, especially if you have been personally affected by alcohol-related sexual violence.  Then forward word of this effort to your friends and family to help us send a message that cannot be ignored.

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