Renee Beyers

I'm a 53 year old mom of a handicapped 32 yr. old daughter that will always live with me. It's not right to have pot illegal and not drinking. STUPID. Our government would turn our economy around totally by making that plant legal. I've smoked it off and on since I was young. The worst part of my life was when my body got addicted to alcohol because I was on probation. That was the worst 3 years of my life and I almost died during that time. I ended up in detox from alcohol at 4.0. They told me I should be dead. I'm now allowed to smoke legally because medical marijuana has been passed in my state. I would have to move if they retracted this law. I use it for my chronic pain of fibromyalgia/osteoarthritis and to relax. I have not drank any alcohol in 14 years which is when I got off of probation. Our government did studies in 1974 that proved marijuana was a cancer killer and never released it to the people. They hid it so the DEA could continue ruining people's lives so they can take everything you own if you get caught. It's time we all stand together, get out of this closet we been pushed into for so long and let our representatives know we won't put up with these lies no more and we are not going back in that closet ever again.

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