Kaikelani Ho'ala

Medical Marijuana - A Sacred Medicine Whose Time Has Come. I run a Medial Marijuana Center in Colorado. I have a new appreciation for the medicine since starting my dispensary. I only thought the medicine was good for easing the pain and getting high but I now realize that there is a different medical marijuana that prevents seizures, wakes you up, puts you to sleep, takes away pain, helps PTSD, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and so on. We have our patients coming off the hard drugs that are given by the doctors and they are having a life again in spite of their illnesses. The most important benefit of the medicine is that it takes me into the NOW of my life and there is where true healing happens. When I can be in the NOW and forget the future and the past, I can think clearly, I can receive spiritual insight into issues and I can find relief from the burdens I carry when worrying about the future or what happened in the past. Using the medicine ad a spiritual medicine can bring enlightenment about the issues at hand. There is going to be lots of resistance from the drug and alcohol companies and the Mexican drug lords to legalizing the medicine and the government does not want its people awakening as they will have a revolution on their hands.

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