Historic Initiative Campaign Launched in Colorado

A broad coalition of state and national organizations, including the Women's Marijuana Movement, has launched the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in support of a 2012 ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Colorado. 

The WMM is based in Colorado and will be playing a very large role in this campaign.  In particular, we will be recruiting, organizing, mobilizing, and educating women throughout Colorado and building a broad coalition of women in support of the measure.

The campaign’s first goal is to collect the roughly 85,000 valid signatures of Colorado voters necessary to qualify the measure for next year’s election.  This is no easy feat, so we hope marijuana reform supporters from around the state will get involved in the effort to place this initiative on the ballot.  We also hope you will support our critical role in this historic campaign by making a donation -- in particular, we encourage you to consider signing up to start making automated monthly donations that will help us on an ongoing basis over the next 15 months.

This will be a volunteer-powered grassroots campaign whose success will depend largely on supporters such as you.  So please take a minute to check out the campaign website, sign up to get involved, make a donation, and help us spread the word.  By joining the campaign today you can help end marijuana prohibition in Colorado next year and be part of something that will be written about in history books for years to come.

Women's Marijuana Movement
P.O. Box 40332 • Denver, CO 80204
303-861-0033 • women@saferchoice.org

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