Ha Do M.

I am Vietnamese Male and had been in United States for 30 years. I recently used Marijuana edible for my headache and have a good night sleep due to my severe eye injured. I strongly agreed that Marijuana help me a lot of different ways like concentrate, good mood, painless, no medication, and enjoy good life with my family. I hope that Federal, State, County, and City Law leave every one alone and grant people wish to come true. We are the people and we do whatever it takes to get it right. i hope that my story will help with your group and I will be there in person to explain what is the pro and con at the hearing or meeting place. Life is too short and we need to let everyone to know this is good medicine. It is safe for everyone to use whenever they need it. I also recommended Marijuana to my friend to use and it helps for his/her sickness.

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