Cheryl Batoon

Hi, my name is Cheryl F. Batoon and I use medicinal cannabis. I started using this past year specifically as an alternative medicine since after losing my job, I lost my benefits as well. I have had asthma since I was a baby and have used asthma meds all my life. I am happy to say that medicinal cannabis has assisted me with no longer having the need for my inhaler. Medicinal cannabis is known to open up the bronchial passages. Cannabis should no longer be a Schedule 1 drug because it is a miracle healing plant. I may lose an opportunity for a lucrative job because I tested positive during a drug test even though I am a medicinal cannabis patient. I am now looking for employment in this field to assist with the effort to pass the new law on the ballot for November 2010 here in California. Thank you for this website and much blessings and love for all you do...

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