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Welcome to the Women's Marijuana Movement! 

My name is Jessica Peck and I am a mother, a lawyer, a conservative political activist and a co-founder of the Women's Marijuana Movement (WMM). I am not a marijuana user, but -- as you can see in this recent interview of me on Fox News Channel -- I passionately believe that our marijuana laws are unjust, irrational, and detrimental to the health and well-being of our children. I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to this campaign.

As our name indicates, the Women's Marijuana Movement is exactly that -- a movement. We are women -- and men -- who see the harms caused by our current marijuana laws and want to see them changed. Through our collective voices and action, we want to change the perception of marijuana in our society. In particular, we want to help all Americans understand that marijuana is a safer recreational alternative to alcohol. 

While members of this movement are unified in their belief that marijuana prohibition should end and marijuana regulation should begin, they approach the issue with their own opinions and perspectives. We have mothers -- like me -- who are thinking about the well-being of our children. We have young professionals who are tired of living in a society in which people are encouraged to drink alcohol, but are punished for using marijuana. We have patients and their family members who understand how marijuana can alleviate pain and suffering.  And we have women who have witnessed or suffered from alcohol-related violence in their homes, on their campuses and in their communities. These women truly believe that making marijuana available as a legal alternative to alcohol could make our society a safer -- and all-around better -- place to live.

As we broaden this movement in the months and years to come, our sheer numbers will give more and more women the courage and confidence to speak out and reach out. You see, the only thing keeping marijuana illegal is the silence of people who believe it should be legal. It's time for that silence to end. 

The Women's Marijuana Movement is a project of SAFER, a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol. For more information, please contact us at women@saferchoice.org or 303-861-0915.

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